Are you prepared for a data breach?
Developing and maintaining a comprehensive incident response plan is an essential cornerstone of an effective information security policy for any organization that stores, collects, or maintains privacy data. Businesses understand the risks inherent with not having a fire safety plan in place, but many small to medium-sized businesses operate every day while lacking a plan they can swiftly and confidently put into motion in the event of a privacy data breach.

Failure to have a well-thought-out response plan can increase the damages and associated costs, as well as lead to regulatory penalties, and damage to your business’s reputation and bottom-line.


Incident Response Plan

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What every good incident response plan should include.

How to ensure your SMB is positioned to take immediate action when a security incident is suspected.

Where small businesses should focus their efforts when identifying the most likely threat vectors.
If your small or mid-sized business doesn't have a plan, or your plan needs updating, these incident response planning best practices for SMBs will help you guide your organization to develop an effective plan. Complete the form above to get your copy of the incident response planning tip sheet.
6 Easy Steps to a Successful Incident Response Plan for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Are you prepared for a data breach?

This tip sheet provides valuable guidance on developing your plan including:
Get peace of mind with these Incident Response Planning best practices.